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Work Samples

“Parenting After an Injury”, Sesame Street in Communities

Meerkat Media, 2019


Role: Associate Producer


About the Project: Sesame Street’s nonprofit wing, Sesame Street in Communities, acts as a resource for parents and caregivers who are helping children to deal with tough topics. “Parenting After an Injury” is one in a series of four videos that explores how military veterans and their families cope with the impact of visible and invisible wounds. Our subjects showcase their tools for practicing self care and how each member of the family, big or small, can contribute to caregiving.


Contributions: Receipt tracking, logging and tracking editor hours, sending deliverables to client, compiling client notes for post production team, hiring outside vendors (colorists, audio engineers, composers, etc), providing internal feedback, and adding subtitles in Adobe Premiere.



“TrialWatch” and “TrialWatch Launch”, The Clooney Foundation for Justice

Meerkat Media, 2019


Role: Production Assistant


About the Project: George and Amal Clooney’s newest endeavor, TrialWatch, advocates for fairness in court proceedings across the globe, particularly when it comes to human rights issues. They provide trainings to local trial monitors in order to empower communities to document and respond to human rights abuses and unfair trials.


Contributions: Archival research, on-set support for A & B camera teams, boom operation, audio recording, some on-set line producing/coordination 




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