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Work Samples

I've been fortunate to wear many hats in quite a few arenas throughout my career. Before we dive deeper into my professional work, however, here are two of my favorite personal projects:

SUPER, Documentary Short (2020)

Roles: Director, Cinematographer, Sound Recordist, Editor

- Best Documentary (New York Short Film Festival)

- Best Director (Queens World Film Festival)

Adventure Date, 16mm Short (2021)

Role: Producer

- Best Comedy (Deep Focus Film Festival)


Silver Spoon Animation
Role: Producer

As a producer at one of the industry's leading Animation and Virtual Production studios, I've produced a wide range of projects from 3D animated commercials, to augmented reality crowds and graphics, and motion capture for music videos and TV. We also led the charge on designing the characters for the world's first avatar singing competition, Alter Ego!

Superbowl LV Opening

Cheetos "Mac n Cheese"


Meerkat Media
Role: Associate Producer, Sound Recordist, Production Swing

During my freelance employment and internship with Meerkat Media, I had the pleasure of working on many social impact videos for clients like The Girl Scouts of Greater New York and Sesame Street in Communities. On set, I prepped and lit subjects for interviews, recorded audio, and stepped in as a camera assistant as needed.


Feature Doc Sizzle: Black Skeleton
Role: Editor

This is a sample pulled from a sizzle reel that I edited in Avid Media Composer in this film's early stages. Aside from syncing, cutting, and organizing over 8 TB of footage, I was also responsible for the title graphics, subtitles, and music sourcing.

Please note this sample does not include color or final audio mix.


Creative Exercise: National Geographic
Role: Editor

As a creative exercise while working at Meerkat Media, I put together a short teaser using footage shot on location for National Geographic. The goal was to take the audience on a cinematic bird watching journey, evoking a sense of wonder and intrigue as we cruise past these magnificent creatures in their natural habitats.

Please note this sample does not include color or final audio mix.


Social Short: Real Talk
Role: Editor

Edited for a friend during the pandemic, this piece received an honorable mention in Casting Director Tracy Byrd's 1 minute original scene competition hosted on social media.

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